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We understand what it takes to manage and grow your business

Time is at a premium when you are running a business and taking the leap with a new system can be daunting. Agrolending does the heavy lifting for you and will allow your business to grow with our scalable, affordable technology. 


Our “fully managed” treasury and loan management system leverages best in class technology combined with expert industry knowledge. We deliver an easy-to-use system ready to meet the needs of your business. It is also easily customisable to support changes in your products as they arise.


Agrolending can fulfil your business needs in terms of Finance and IT without the need to hire more resources. This frees you up to spend more time focussed on your customers, and growing your business.

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choose Agrolending?

  • Reduce operational overheads and resources

  • Automate tasks and reporting using Salesforce’s advanced account management capabilities 

  • Integrate your existing systems to transfer key information 

  • Create and personalise your own Dashboard and Reports from all data within the system

  • Manage all Bank Reconciliations, Invoicing and Payments through integration with your accounting software (Xero)

  • Cost effective and scalable licence options available

  • Fully Managed Service - 7 days a week

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Key Loan Management Features

  • End-to-end Loan & Treasury Management options in one system

  • Automatically reconcile and fund debt loans and equity assets through customised rules and smart logic

  • Track and manage Loan Facilities, Repayments and a range of Equity Assets

  • Track and manage Securities (registered as well as underlying and collateral securities) to enforce rights in case of default

  • Manage underlying investment entities such as a Trust or Fund  

  • Forecast and manage Credit or Cargo Insurance Payments and Policy Schedules

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  • On-board and manage Investors (Individual, Wholesale or Institutional)

  • Track Investor Balances, Portfolio Analytics, Cashflow and Distributions

  • Set up all loan parties within the system with their own secure, personalised customer windows

  • Manage all correspondence and engagement across the entire lending network

  • Allow Investors to track portfolios and download monthly Investment Statements 

  • Allow Borrowers to track Loan Balances and Repayments

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