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Experts in more than just Agricultural Asset Management

Loan Management has never been easier

We see a lot of lenders at a crossroads where an existing system can’t keep up with the demands of properly managing their loan book. Jumping between spreadsheets and accounting software can only take you so far, and often requires hiring more resources to achieve the outcomes you need. 


Agrolending is the solution for any bespoke lending business looking to take the next step. 


Our system utilises a Salesforce based front end which is highly customisable, with role-based permissions and security to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly experience. No matter the size of your business, Agrolending will make life easier with improved efficiencies across your operations.

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Sales Teams can collect applications, track customer interactions and manage
new pipeline deals.


Credit & Operations Teams can assess the applications through to approval,
then manage funded loans through to settlement.


Finance Teams can track and manage the flow of money in conjunction
with your accounting software (Xero)

Full Treasury Management Capability

We understand that running a lending business is more than just handing out money to approved borrowers. The investment side is an integral part of your operations. 


Agrolending offers a complete end-to-end solution, uniquely designed to handle both sides of the lending equation in one system. With an array of Treasury Management tools and functions, Agrolending can be easily adapted to meet your business needs. 

  • Manage Treasury Entities 

  • Manage and calculate Interest, Repayments & Distributions 

  • Set automated mandates and funding rules

  • Integrate Agrolending with your accounting software and existing systems

  • Investor & Borrower Portals

  • Manage Reconciliations, Invoices, Payments, Deposits & Cash Balances

  • Loan Disbursements 

  • Loan & Portfolio Balances 

  • Generate Financial Statements

Agricultural Asset Management is the foundation of the Agrolending system. Over time we have leveraged industry experts to evolve and refine the system to go deep within this asset class. This depth of service allows our lenders to provide flexible products to their borrowers, whilst managing fund treasury, and ensuring there is always a true picture of the underlying production assets the loan is secured against.


We have taken our expertise in this space and expanded the system to cater for a range of other underserved asset classes which follow a similar pattern.  As long as we can track an asset's volume, price and value, then we can apply the same model and it can be used as collateral against a loan.

Here are a few other asset classes which we cater for:

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Asset Backed Finance

Bespoke solutions for Solar, Dairy, Machinery & Vehicle Asset Classes


Agricultural Commodities / Commodity Trade Finance

Secure loans to rural farmers with an exit offtake contract. Agrolending tracks stock / collateral volumes through delivery as part fulfilment to give you an end-to-end snapshot of the production lifecycle


Property Backed Finance

Manage valued property assets as collateral against short term bridging loans

Always evolving our products to meet your future needs

Technology should never stop you achieving your goals. If you have a unique lending solution which is currently being underserved by your existing technology provider, get in touch!  We love a challenge and are always happy to discuss the addition of new products and asset management solutions to the Agrolending system.

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